Where to Find Videos and Documents from the Leveson Inquiry

Feb 12, 2012Updated 8 months ago

Phone Hacking Scandals:  Witnesses and Evidence from the Levenson Inquiry
The list of witnesses in the Leveson reads like a tabloid roll call: Ian McGregor, Heather Mills, JK Rowling, Piers Morgan, Steve Coogan, and the clever man who "bugged the bugger," Hugh Grant. Grant's New Statesman essay, "The Bugger, Bugged" was published after the PM announced the creation of the inquiry in July, 2011, but for many, it was Grant's article that made people outside of the news industry aware of the relationship between the police and the paparazzi and generated interest beyond the curiosities of celebrity life.

Read "The Bugger, Bugged" by Hugh Grant on The New Statesman

Although it isn't an official Leveson document, Grant's transcript, complete with his editorial quips, sets the stage to understand the Leveson Inquiry. After his car broke down, Grant was assisted by a former News of the World journalist named Paul McMullan, and Grant later met McMullan and secretly recorded their conversations about the days when McMullan covered Grant's career and personal life for News of the World.

McMullan didn't realize that Grant was recording the call, and he revealed unsavory details about the work of a tabloid reporter. "So that's the tip . . . it's a policeman ringing up a tabloid reporter and asking him for ten grand because this girl had been cautioned right at the start of his career . . . So that's happening regularly. So the police don't particularly want to investigate." You can read the entire interview, published August 12, 2011, on The New Statesman.

Read Witness Transcripts for the Leveson Inquiry

The official site for the Leveson Inquiry has transcripts of witness statements available for free online under the Leveson Evidence section of the website. The complete list of witnesses is oddly incomplete, because some people, such as Harry Potter author JK Rowling, appear when the list is sorted by individual alphabet letters but does not appear on the main list (at least, it did not when it was accessed on 2/12/2012).

The transcripts are distributed as text files and pdf files, so they can be accessed in iBooks and on ebook readers. The text files are one page, but the pdf files are created in four panes, perhaps to mimic a book when it is read on an ereader.

Watch Leveson Inquiry Videos

To see particular witnesses testify during hearings, you can search by witness and the video from the day's hearing will appear. The hearings require Flash installed if you are watching them on the Leveson site. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can watch clips of the videos on YouTube. The TelegraphTV YouTube channel has a comprehensive collection of video clips.

If you want to watch a particular day of the hearing or read the transcripts from the hearings, you can go through the Leveson Inquiry day by day on the Leveson Hearings page. On days when there is no video available, you can read the transcripts from the witnesses in this most interesting investigation into the press.