Feng Shui Tips. The Best Front Door Direction

Feb 27, 2009Updated 8 months ago

Front Door Direction

Therefore, location of the home's front door determines the kind of Chi entering the house. Traditional Feng Shui recommends the house front door to be located on the eastern or southern side of the house.

However, if there is no possibility to change the entrance door's location, the solution is to use and reinforce the properties of the current one.

Location of the House Front Door

  • The North-West. If the front door is located on the north-west of the house, it is very good for the family’s head. It adds to one’s leadership qualities, reinforces trust and respect in the house.
  • The North. The front door located in the north adds to a quite lifestyle. However, for the quietness not to turn into apathy and flabbiness, it might be a good idea to paint the door brown and hang a small crystal in the hall. These measures will ensure the family will live in harmony.
  • The North-East. This front door direction is not the best for a front door Feng Shui because it exposes the family to a stronger influence of external powers. It brings too much vivacity into the house. On the other hand, Feng Shui recommends this front door location for young people, who are willing to enrich their knowledge and get education.
  • The East. The eastern front door direction is also good for young people, especially those starting a career and willing to make their dreams come true. This is a favorable front door direction for businesspeople and entrepreneurs.
  • The South-East. This location of the entrance door is the best for those willing to improve their financial position. The progress will be slow but certain, while the family will live in peace and wellness.
  • The South. A southern front door is good for active social life. It can bring recognition and fame to the house owner. However, one should be careful with this front door direction since it may cause tension and arguments in the family. At the same time, this negative effect can be decreased by adding some Water element to the door’s design (paint it black or dark-blue, for example).
  • The South-West. This front door direction is the most favorable for the mother of the family. It improves and strengthens the family relations. At the same time, a front door in the south-west may make the woman’s personality too dominating. To reduce this effect, something green should be added to the front door area.
  • The West. Such a front door is the best for families with small children. The entrance door’s Feng Shui will help the kids to grow and develop well. This direction is also related to romantic feelings and pleasure. For the most harmonious western door Feng Shui, add some Earth elements to the front door area (yellow or brown color, for instance).

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