Who is Veronica B. Lake?

Scene with Bicycle
Veronica B. Lake is not an actress! She is an artist who lives near Portland, Oregon, and considers herself primarily a landscape painter. Born in Palo Alto, California on Aug 28,1963, Lake has recently become a muralist of note.

Lake has just begun producing limited edition prints that are digitally formatted on watercolor paper in a process known as giclée. The result is that one can barely tell the difference between these and the real watercolor paintings. One special example is called 'De Bloomen van Monnickendam,' after a town north of Amsterdam in her parents' native Holland. The other is 'Morning Song in Bruges'. Both have been well received by art lovers.


Lake has been painting professionally for the past twelve years. During a long wait in the Pediatric Development and Rehabilitation reception area of a local hospital she noticed how stark and cold the atmosphere was. (Lake's eleven-year old son is a victim of Asperger's Disease). She immediately thought of doing a mural, and the three-wall floor to ceiling underwater scene now warms the waiting room. Veronica also volunteers and teaches art at school and has had several children involved in painting a mural for an 'Art Blast' on May 30, 2008. Each child in the third grade class is responsible for a portion of the mural that was unveiled on that day.

Artist Statement

Veronica Lake believes that "The concept of light is an important element in my pieces because I believe it reveals truth and provides us with a way to see into the heart of the Creator of all things. The concept of rebirth and hope is further emphasized in my frequent use of water as a symbol both in content and context." She says her style is that of a passionate realist with an impressionistic slant to her work. Her desire is to stir an emotional response of hope, wellness and goodness.

Art Exhibits

Veronica's work is now neing exhibited in Beaverton, Oregon, at My Favorite Muffin, a cafe and gathering place for artists and art lovers. She has another exhibit at the Dutch American Store, opens in late May. Other exhibits are planned for the future and she is kept extremely busy with her work and her family.

Lake is just beginning to work in acrylic canvas paintings and is excited about this new venture. To see more examples of Veronica B.Lake's artistic creations please go to findamuralist.com and click on Oregon. You will find several interesting works there; or you can contact Veronica directly.

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