Baby Girl and Baby Boy Names

Sep 19, 2007Updated 7 months ago

The Name Must Fit The Baby
Choosing the right name for your new baby boy or girl is one of the most personal and significant jobs of a new parent. Parents will often spend several months prior to the birth mulling over the thousands of different boy baby names or girl baby names in the quest to find just the right one. Usually by the time of the birth they have at least one or two picked out, but for those that do not the Internet and your local book store both provide many opportunities to help make a final decision.

When trying to find information and ideas on different baby names there are dozens of web sites to choose from, but for each kind of search certain baby name web sites stand out. Use the tips below to help you narrow your search.

Selecting A Baby Name Based On The Name's Country Of Origin:

At you can select their advanced search option and enter one of dozens of nationalities, regions, and even ancient dialects such as sanskrit to limit your search. This can be of great use to parents that feel their family history and origins are of great importance to them and to their lineage. It is also a wonderful way to find hundreds of baby names that you had never even heard of.

Choosing A Boy or Girl Baby Name Based On The Name's History or Meaning:

There are a few sites that offer you the ability to search by keywords for the meaning of a baby name. At the web site, you can use their "meaning" search to limit the names returned by specific keywords such as "brave," or "knowledge," and the search engine will pull in all names in their database that have that word in their meaning field.

Choosing Unique, Uncommon Baby Boy or Girl Names:

The best place to find out the popularity of a specific baby name is to use the trend data going back fifteen years or more to let you know where the name ranks in overall popularity in the United States. You can also check the home page to see at a glance the ten top baby boy names and the ten top baby girl names at this point in history.

If after looking through all of these places you still have not found a name that you feel fits your new baby consider checking out The Very Best Baby Name Book (in the whole wide world) by Bruce Lansky, published by Meadowbrook Press. With over 30,000 baby names in it you can consider this a final stop when you and your spouse cannot agree on anything else. Although not categorized in any way other than alphabetically, The Very Best Baby Name Book does provide some basic background information on the root form of each name. It includes hundreds of unusual and interesting baby names that are not found on most of the online web sites.