Warning Signs of a Sociopath

Feb 21, 2010Updated 1 month ago

Warning Signs of a Sociopath
We've all met them. They ooze charisma, are well-liked by their acquaintances, seem knowledgeable about a variety of subjects; yet -something is not quite right. If you are involved with a sociopath, or even worse, in love with one; you are in for a painful, destructive relationship. Trust your gut - if you have any doubts about this person, be wary -even if others who don't know the person as well as you do think you are being foolish. Know the warning signs of a sociopath before it's too late. This personality disorder can destroy the lives of people who are involved with the sociopath.

Psychopaths Have No Morals

Meet their friends. A true sociopath will be well-liked by many people, but close to none. They will speak of things they've done with friends, but the friends don't contact them - instead, the sociopath lacks depth and a social conscience, so he/she is a "fair-weather" friend. Examine your relationship. Does this person seem to care when you get upset, or just go through the motions? If this person has done something hurtful or bad; does he/she seem truly remorseful, or do they apologize just because "it's what you expect."

Observe their morals, and sense of right and wrong. A true sociopath does not feel that the rules, or the law, applies to him/her. The expected social norms will be lacking in day to day activities. He/she also lacks responsibility for his/her actions. If something happens, it's always someone else's fault. A true sociopath does not feel the need to pay bills on time, stay faithful in their marriage, or honor promises and commitments.

Psychopaths are Master Manipulators

Find out as much as you can about their past relationships from family members and other sources. Just because he/she tells you that their last marriage was a disaster because their spouse was having an affair -do not believe it. The sociopath "remembers" things in order to make themselves look good. They will go great lengths to make you feel sorry for them, and to make you care about them; in order to manipulate you even more.

Realize that sociopaths are pathological liars. They will lie about anything, and turn the situation back on you if you accuse them of lying. The purpose of the lying is to manipulate others, which they take great pride in doing successfully. They will often accuse you of doing the very thing that they are guilty (not that they feel guilty!) of, such as having an affair. Recognize illusions of grandeur. A sociopath is his/her number one fan. An expert on everything, the sociopath feels smarter than others, and that other people (including you) are inferior.

Watch out for the warning signs of a sociopath. Many sociopaths have a short fuse, and erupt with little provocation. They will also go to extreme lengths to get "even", seeking revenge over the slightest altercation. If you are involved with a sociopath; realize that you are a means to an end. The person you fell in love with is NOT REAL. Get out, and get help.A sociopath wants to control you, and if that control is threatened, he/she may erupt.check to see if this person has a criminal record -many sociopaths do.


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