Libra Dark Side Astrology

Feb 6, 2009Updated 8 months ago

Insecurity can be a very difficult hurdle for any person of any star sign to overcome. Its cousin, indecisiveness, can be a crippling factor in making good choices. Together, these traits can represent the dark side of a Libra's personality -- but they are not limited to just Libra. Individuals of all signs could make good use of this advice.

Libra Insecurity

Insecurity comes from two root causes -- a desire to please others and a general low opinion of oneself. When these two causes combine, the result is someone who is a "people pleaser," who is only happy when others are happy. One important way to combat this is to remember that since everyone has a different expectation of everyone else, pleasing all people all of the time is an impossible goal. Another important fact to keep in mind is that everyone has value, and nobody should depend on praise or recognition to feel good about themselves. The popular and the praised are not always the best, so these goals should not run anyone's life.

Libra Indecisiveness

Indecisiveness can have multiple causes, one of which is a lack of reliance in one's own abilities. Another is a fear of failure of disappointing others. The best way to combat these fears would be to be more ambitious and make even more choices. As those who are indecisive well know, postponing decisions doesn't really make the decision go away. Only through making successful decisions and accomplishing goals can one regain confidence in their own abilities. And one should never depend entirely on another's point of view to measure their success.

Libra Love

Insecurity and indecisiveness can take several forms in the romantic arena. One is a nagging fear of all things romantic, and a refusal to get involved with others. Another is a series of bad relationships, filled with problems such as jealousy, stalking, "clingyness", and even abuse. Fear of disappointing others and general low-self worth can lead people to accept horrific situations because they are constantly fearing the abandonment of others. In both of these cases, the correct way to approach the problem is for the individual to recognize their low self worth and try to seek out people who will love them for who they are, not for who they try to be or for what kind of performance they can put on.

It is important for Libras -- and anyone suffering from the personality characteristics of insecurity or indecisiveness -- to try to recognize their own self-worth and to try to surround themselves with people who build them up, rather than people who tear them down. At the same time, it is also important to recognize that praise from others, while important, should never control anyone's life.