Do Mormons Celebrate Easter?

Sep 20, 2009Updated 8 months ago

What is an LDS Easter Like for Mormons?
Easter is a holiday each spring that remembers Christ's death and resurrection. People observe both religious and secular traditions to commemorate the holiday.

But what about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon)? Some people don't know very much about LDS belief in Jesus, and may be uncertain whether Mormons celebrate Easter like the rest of the Christian world.

Mormon Beliefs About Death and Resurrection

Mormons believe in Jesus Christ and that all people will be resurrected, or reunited with their bodies, after they die. Christ's resurrection paved the way for all humankind to be resurrected as He was after His death on the cross.

Mormons accept the entire New Testament account of what happened during Jesus' life and death.

Meaning of Easter to LDS Church Members

To Latter-day Saints, the meaning of Easter is two-fold. Jesus not only conquered physical death with the resurrection, He also made it possible for humankind to be forgiven by suffering for their sins in Gethsemane. Both parts of Jesus Christ's mission, called the atonement, are celebrated by Mormons at Easter.

Secular Mormon Easter Traditions

Many people wonder what a typical Mormon Easter looks like. For the most part, Latter-day Saints participate in all the normal traditions practiced in their culture such as dying eggs, Easter baskets and Easter bunny, new Easter dress clothes, and egg hunts. Though they aren't essential parts of Easter observance, many Latter-day Saint families find them fun family traditions during the holiday weekend.

Focusing on Christ at Easter

But to Mormons, the true meaning of Easter is infinitely more important than eggs and bunnies. Latter-day Saint families try to focus on Christ's atonement during the holiday. Mormon traditions often emphasize Jesus at Easter by:

  • Attending an Easter Sunday church service that focuses on Christ's atonement;
  • Watching the Lamb of God, a Mormon Easter video dramatizing the events of Christ's last days and his resurrection;
  • Reading the story of Christ's resurrection together as a family or having a special family lesson on the topic.
Latter-day Saints, like all other Christians, sometimes struggle to preserve the religious meaning of the Easter holiday. But along with all the secular customs of the holiday, there are also many Christian Easter traditions to adopt.

Easter is a holiday that is very sacred to Mormons. The atonement of Jesus Christ is an integral part of faith to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Easter is one opportunity that they have to commemorate it.

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