Fun Places to Go in Boston With Kids

Jun 9, 2010Updated 8 months ago

Family-Friendly Boston Aquarium
Parents visiting Boston, MA will be absorbed in the history and culture of the area, but kids may be less than enthralled. Shake up the family vacation and keep everyone happy with these fun places to go and things to do with kids in Boston.

Family Fun at Boston Children's Museum

The Boston Children's Museum is three levels of hands-on learning and fun for kids of all ages, located at 308 Congress Street in Boston. Parents may find the admission pricey, but it really does provide plenty of exhibits and attractions to keep families busy all day.

Infants and toddlers 0-3 years old can role play and imagine in the soft play area (with just one exit, for mom and dad's peace of mind.) Older kids ages 5-10 can explore the three-story climbing structure for hours, but since it is large with many different exits, parents and their kids should establish a meeting place should they get separated.

A water play area is also a popular kid destination at the Boston Children's Museum. Even though waterproof aprons are available, parents should still bring a change of clothes for toddlers just in case.

Fun Places to Go in Boston – U.S.S. Constitution and Boston Ferry Ride

A free tour of the U.S.S. Constitution in the Charlestown Navy Yard (with the promise of a ferry boat ride afterward for good behavior) is a fun way to squeeze in a little history with young kids. The U.S.S. Constitution is the last stop on the Freedom Trail. Older kids may be able to walk the entire thing, but parents with younger children will probably find more success going directly to the ship.

Next door, a ferry ride departs every 15 minutes according to the MBTA schedule. The seven-minute one-way trip is just long enough for most kids, and each ticket only costs $1.70 as of 2010. The ferry brings riders to Long Wharf, which has a large plaza with a covered shelter and is within walking distance of the New England Aquarium.

Boston Things to Do with Kids – New England Aquarium

Though not the biggest children's aquarium in the U.S., the New England Aquarium is a well-loved favorite tourist attraction in Boston, Mass. A walkway spirals up and around a 200,000 gallon cylindrical tank full of fish, sting rays, and sharks. Additional educational and hands-on exhibits line the outside of the walkway. There are also penguins near the entrance, a jellyfish experience in the basement, and a touch pool for kids inside the aquarium.

Families can expect to spend 1-2 hours inside the aquarium, at which point they can visit next door for a 3-D IMAX movie featuring marine life on a giant 65' by 85' screen.

Boston Family Vacation – Swan Boats at the Public Gardens

No family vacation to Boston would be completed without a trip to the Boston public garden and a ride on the swan boats made famous in Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings. The park itself is clean, grassy, interspersed with statues and monuments, and has lots of room for picnicking or watching dogs and pigeons.

The inexpensive swan boat rides are short enough to keep even young children's attention spans. The boat circles the giant pond in the center of the public gardens, going around the Make Way for Ducklings island in the middle. Make sure to read the book at least once with kids before going!

The next time Boston area parents or those visiting the Boston area need ideas of things to do with kids, try some of these kid-friendly area activities and attractions. There are lots of family activities in Boston, Mass that will entertain both parents and kids for days at a time.

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