Hank Williams Sr. Daughter Gives Rare Interview

Nov 12, 2008Updated 8 months ago

The daughter of Audrey Williams and half-sister of country star Hank Williams Jr. will visit Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday, Dec. 13, to participate in a rare and candid interview about her famous family.

Lycrecia Williams Hoover's upcoming visit to the historic country museum's Ford Theater is part of a 5,000-plus-square-foot museum exhibit titled Family Tradition: The Williams Family Legacy that opened March 28, 2008, and will be on display through Dec. 31, 2009.

Lycrecia's in-person interview will get under way at 1:30 p.m. that day, with Family Tradition co-curator Michael McCall serving as host for the program, which will include audiovisuals from the museum's Frist Library and Archive and from the Williams family.

Growing up with Country Legend Hank Williams Sr.

Author of Still in Love with You: The Story of Hank & Audrey Williams, a family memoir that was recently re-released, Lycrecia is Audrey Williams' daughter from an earlier marriage. Now in her 60s, Lycrecia was 2 when her late mother began dating Hank Sr. in summer 1943. Then, after Audrey and Hank married Dec. 15, 1944, the late Country Music Hall of Fame inductee helped rear Lycrecia and considered her his own daughter.

Because country star Hank Williams Jr., born Randall Hank Williams in 1949, was only 3 when his father died, he has few memories of their time together. Lycrecia, however, reportedly has vivid memories of her life with the country legend.

"Of the two of us (children), I always considered myself to be the luckiest one because I got to do things with Daddy," Lycrecia said in one interview, regarding her time with Hank Sr. "Daddy was a fun person. He would take me bowling a lot. He would go horseback riding and fishing with me."

The Williams' Early Years: Country Music History in the Making

Lycrecia said she traveled with her mother and stepfather as his career ignited, moving with them Montgomery, Ala., to Shreveport, La., in 1948 when Hank Sr. was made a cast member of the Louisiana Hayride on radio station KWKH. Then, in 1949, just a month after Hank Jr.'s birth, Lycrecia and her family moved to Nashville and Hank Sr. became an member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Tina Wright, media representative for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, noted that during the 60-minute program on Dec. 13, 2008, "Lycrecia will present an insider's view of life in the Williams home, sharing recollections of watching Hank Sr. write songs, of his generosity with his children, of his love of home and family, of his struggles with alcohol and being on the road, and of his turbulent but often loving relationship with Audrey."

Labor of Love: Nurturing the Hank Williams Sr. Legacy

She also reportedly will reveal how her family endured following Hank Sr.'s untimely death in the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 1953, on his way to a show in Ohio. Lycrecia said her mother dedicated herself to keeping the 29-year-old's memory and music alive.

"I know Mother often blamed herself for Daddy's troubles, which is what the spouses of alcoholics often do," she has said. "After his death, Mother devoted herself to his career. That's how she mourned him."

A Family Built around Traditional Country Music

Lycrecia also will recall watching her brother grow into an entertainer who emerged from his father's shadow to become a leading superstar of his generation, and she'll discuss the problems he overcame along the way.

Regarding the Family Traditions exhibit, Kyle Young, museum director, said, "The Williams family story may seem familiar. However, this exhibit will take the visitor inside the family to revisit the life and impact of Hank Williams, examine the struggles and musical successes of his only son ... and study the direct descendants, who are now striving within a new generation of artists, all measuring themselves by the example of Hank Williams."

For more information about the Dec. 13, 2008, program-including tickets to attend the event or see the exhibit-please access the museum Web site or call (615) 416-2001.