How to Fix a Flat Iron

Jan 21, 2010Updated 8 months ago

Finding the right hair straightener for a certain hair type and style can be an expensive and difficult feat. A good hair straightener is one that does the job in minimal time, without damaging hair. It can be frustrating when a much coveted flat iron does not work as well as advertised or stops working all-together. This may be due to counterfeit replica products that are flooding the market.

Unfortunately, many fake hair straighteners are very well made knock-offs of popular brands such as KQC, GHD, Chi and others. Some of these are so convincing that salons may unwittingly carry them. Read this article to find out how to spot a fake flat iron.

However, even authentic branded flat irons can fizzle and malfunction. The delicate electrical components are heated to very high temperatures and can fuse or burn out over time. Warranties are not always reliable and run out quickly. However, don’t resign yet another broken or malfunctioning hair tool to a landfill. Before tossing it out, try these tips to repair the flat iron or have an expert do the job. A simple replacement part may have it working as good as new – and can save up to a hundred dollars or more.

Why a Flat Iron Stops Working

When a hair iron stops working completely and does not turn on or show an indicator light, the most likely culprit is a thermal cutoff switch or fuse that has blown. These fuses act as safety devices attached to the electrical circuits of hair straighteners to prevent overheating and the risk of a fire. These fuses are very cheap and easy to replace.

If the flat iron can be easily opened, you may be able to identify it and order a new one. This site shows what the correct fuse looks like and where to order it. These are not costly and if an electrician is replacing the part, knowing how much the fuse costs will help to prevent being overcharged for the fuse. It may help to order the part and then take it to a repair shop.

How to Replace a Fuse or Switch in a Hair Straightener

It is important to get the right thermal fuse for a specific flat iron. Each fuse is designed to prevent the hair tool from going over a specific temperature. If a higher temperature fuse is put in, the hair iron will work but this may cause it to overheat more than it should and become a fire hazard, as well as likely causing damage to hair over time.

To change the part, it should be first identified as a small plastic rectangle with two wires coming out of it. The old fuse will have to be cut out and the new one replaced by connecting with a wire crimp connector. As flat irons have sensitive electrical components that heat up to very high temperatures, it is safer to take the tool and replacement part to a licensed electrician. A good electrician will be able to ensure that the devices safety features still work.

Other Reasons A Flat Iron Stops Working

If a flat iron is dropped or the electrical cord is pulled, it may disconnect or become loose from the flat iron. The hair straightenener may not turn on at all or may turn on intermittently when the cord is pushed in or moved. A new, replacement cord can be ordered online or from the company website and the hair iron will have to be opened to repair it. This can be done by the flat iron company or a repair shop.