Wart Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

Nov 5, 2009Updated 1 month ago

Tea Tree Oil Helps Heal Warts
Caused by the human papilloma virus, or HPV virus, warts are contagious and easily spread. Proper wart treatment can prevent the spread of warts and can be achieved without expensive doctor visits or over the counter remedies. Tea tree oil is an effective alternative treatment in killing warts caused by HPV when applied attentively.

Although warts can exist anyplace on the body, some of the most stubborn warts to treat are plantar warts, which appear on the feet. Because the area of the foot is moist, plantar warts spread easily and are usually seen in groups rather than individually.

Tea Tree Oil for Warts

Tea tree oil’s antiviral properties, according to Bill Gottlieb, author of “Alternative Cures”, are what effectively destroy the warts. Sold under many brand names, tea tree oil can be found online or in most health food stores in liquid form. Typically packaged with a dropper lid, monitoring the amount of potent tea tree oil coming out of the bottle is simple.

Treat Warts with Tea Tree Oil

Following these steps will help cure the warts quickly:

Apply a couple of drops to the wart directly first thing in the morning. For clusters of warts, the tea tree oil can be applied liberally to the entire area because tea tree oil does not damage surrounding tissue. Allow the area to dry before coming into contact with other objects. It is not necessary to cover the area after the oil has dried.

Repeat the process in the evening for maximum benefits. Repeat this process every morning and evening until the warts disappear.

Stubborn Plantar Warts

A foot bath can help alleviate more stubborn cases of plantar warts and help speed up healing time. Continue to apply the tea tree oil to the plantar warts twice daily. At least two times a week, fill the foot bath with warm water, adding approximately eight drops of tea tree oil. Relax and soak the infected foot area for at least twenty minutes. Do this step before applying the final evening treatment.

Healing Time of Warts

Following the above process strictly should help warts heal in about one month. Gottlieb states however, that treatment can sometimes take as long as three to four months, and alternative treatment should be consulted if the treatment does not work in this time period.

Tea tree oil is also effective in removing skin tags, nail fungus, and minor abscess problems, especially with pets. Treatment with tea tree oil is a painless, cost-effective alternative to treatments through a doctor or over-the-counter medications.


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