The Sims 4: Will it be Released Soon?

Jan 30, 2011Updated 1 month ago

The Sims 4 is the next greatly awaited instalment from Maxis. The entire series has been extremely popular, and fans are wondering when this game will be released. The Sims 3 still has its devoted followers, but sales have started to decrease as with almost every other game over time. There is no definite release date set thus far, but there is evidence to point towards the fact that EA’s developers are currently working on the game.

It has been confirmed that EA has registered the domain name “”. This is almost always a sign that the game is in the development stage. It is expected that an official announcement regarding the game and its potential release date is not far away.

According to rumors, The Sims 4 will be similar to The Sims 3 with a lot of upgrades. For instance, there will be a whole new selection of careers to choose from. For many fans of the series they will not care if there are major changes implemented. They simply love the series, but the game reviewers out there will tear the game apart if they do not make some major changes.

There is also a rumor going around that The Sims 4 will have some online aspects built into it. It is not confirmed whether it will play like an MMO or not. Also, there is no word yet on whether a monthly fee will have to be paid in order to play. Several years ago EA launched The Sims online. It was a major disaster and was a huge disappointment for many fans of the series. The hope is that EA has learned from their mistakes. If they do decide to bring The Sims 4, online there will definitely need to be a lot of major changes made.

It will likely be several years before The Sims 4 is actually released. EA is soon set to release The Sims Medieval. The release date is currently listed as March, 2011. It is going to take our Sims and place them hundreds of years into the past. They will have medieval outfits, furniture, and jobs. It also said to play a bit more like an adventure game than Sim’s fans are used to. Once The Sims Medieval’s novelty starts to wear off, and sales go down they will likely announce the release of The Sims 4 or at the very least show fans a teaser of the upcoming game.


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