Create a Winning Blog and Make Money Blogging

Jan 2, 2011Updated 8 months ago

How to Create a Winning Blog, Make Money Blogging
Readers keep coming back to a blog because it has a great content. For bloggers who are into serious blogging business, advertising is by far the most popular money making method that bloggers use, but before the topic of adverts is even considered, bloggers who take blogging seriously as a small business should ensure they know how to write a winning blog.

Great blogs stand out because they have great content - they are bookmarked, subscribed to in RSS feeds, and regularly visited by readers wanting to come back for more. Seven ways to create a winning blog are provided below.

Determine the Publishing Frequency of Content

There is no clear cut advice as to how often a blogger should post. Blog topics vary. For example, a reader interested in consumer products like electronics may want more update in a day, rather than a garden hobbyist or a classical music enthusiast. The important thing is to be consistent in the frequency of publishing, whether it's one post a day or four in a week.

Choose the Right Blog Platform

There are many competing platforms online and choosing one may seem like a daunting exercise. The most popular one is Wordpress, but Blogger (owned by Google) is a simple platform and most popular with new bloggers. Other platforms include Typepad, Movable Type, Drupal and Joomla. They have varying capabilities and price.

A beginner can start with a free blogging platform like Wordpress or Blogger. The platform can be changed at a later time. Choosing a platform is an individual choice depending on the goal of the blogger -- for example, whether the blog will be for a hobby or for business.

Write a Great Post Title

A good title catches a reader’s attention. It can either make or break a post so a blogger needs to select his or her words wisely. The choice of a title is subjective and it’s how a blogger can grab the reader with just a few key words. The following can be used: how-tos, lists, numbers, compelling questions, or popular names. The important thing to remember is to grab the readers’ attention, but not trick them into seeking something a blogger won’t be able to provide.

Find Unique Content for the Blog

A blogger should avoid boring readers to death with the same song and dance as other bloggers. Information or news should give a little bit of edge, perhaps a shared personal insight or bias on a controversial topic, but from a truly unique perspective from the blogger. There is a touch of personal element wherein the blog is constructed in such a way that readers keep coming back.

Create a Conversational Post yet Maintain Professionalism

A blogger needs to show his or her voice in the blog. As much as possible, the blog post is conducted as if a conversation is going on with the reader. The blogger’s personality somehow comes out in the posts. It may be an unpopular position on the topic, but sincerely written. The readers want to hear from the blogger just the same.

Use Pictures and Videos in Posts

Adding an image or video is simple, yet extends a huge amount of depth to the blog. It makes a difference.

Think Readers First. They’re the Audience

Readers want to gain something special from the blog that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the Web, or if it does, there is more to it that pleases the reader. For a blog to grow in popularity, readers need information, resources and viewpoints that are unique and “exclusive” to the blog, or so the readers think. Not only will they tell others by word-of-mouth, they might even submit the content to social media sites to show satisfaction.

For the beginning blogger, these seven ways to create a winning blog provide a blog makeover envisaged to attract a wealth of readers. If adhered to, these tips can help build and maintain a successful blogging for business.

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